Pluto cells in grid arrangement?

Pluto feels a bit more like a spreadsheet. Hence, is it possible to arrange the cells in a grid?


I think not.
But in the future you will be able to create dashboards in Pluto.jl.
Take a look at this PlutoCon 2021 talk:


If they add some automatic layouting to the dashboards a grid seems quite possible.

any information about when this is going to be available?
I would love to try out the dasboard feature in the video

Cc @pankgeorg

Hey!! This is a bit delayed because life happened in the meanwhile, but I’m glad to say we’re back working on it and I would expect something soon (around 1-2 months, to be realistic!)


@pankgeorg looking so much forward to the Pluto grid feature. Hopefully it will be the killer announcement at this JuliaCon 2022.

Could you give an update about the current progress?