Plotting interaction from a fixed effects panel model

I just started using Julia yesterday (coming from Stata) and I am looking for a way of plotting interactions and creating graphs like the one I link below my code. I’m still newish to Python. Any resources would also be appreciated.

formula = @formula(Y ~  X*X + fe(firmid) + fe(year))
result = reg(df, formula, Vcov.cluster(:firmid))

Can you say a bit more about what you’re looking for / what you’ve tried? Eg are you looking to get plottable values from the model, are you trying to understand how to plot lines, or is it a question of the style of the plot (eg dotted vs solid lines)?

Usually, a minimal example (you could include dummy data for df, or something from RDatasets maybe) with code that someone can run / modify is very helpful. See See here for more tips.

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