Plots... `xrot` stopped working?

In min June, I used keyword xrot to rotate the xticks in Plots with PyPlot backend:

Today, the xrot keyword doesn’t seem to work any more:

Has the keyword been removed/changed?

OK… xrot works with the gr() back-end. But gr() does not support msc = false, so for gr() I need to set msw=0.

There is much to like about the GR back-end, but I normally prefer the PyPlot back-end because it has better LaTeX support.

Anyway: there has been a change in Plots since June which breaks the functionality of the xrot keyword for pyplot().

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Hi @BLI, do you know how to save the figure using the pyplot() backend of Plots.jl as a tex file? In python it can be exported as a pgf figure.

Sorry, no: I tend to save as svg-file. There is another back-end that is based on TeX, so perhaps you can test that out? I have never used it – it seems to be slightly more challenging wrt. installation, so I haven’t “dared” to try that.