Plots not working properly

I’m on Julia 1.5.0 on my work desktop. Yesterday, I updated the packages (Pkg.update()] since my 3D scatter-plots didn’t work properly. (pyplot showed the data in the 2D plane, and not in 3D; gr put the axes labels inside of the plot). So, now I have Plots v. 1.10.6, GR v. 0.55.0, and PyPlot v. 2.9.0.

A couple of plots produced by gr:

After switching back and forth between gr and pyplot a couple of times, the above becomes as follows using gr

Better, but still not like it should be… there is no sense of 3D-effect.

After a couple of more attempts with gr – removing and putting back the camera key-word, I get more what I would have expected in the first place…

Anyone knows what is going on?

Also, I still prefer pyplot over gr: sure, gr produces crisper plots, but gr has rather poor support for LaTeX in the text fields.

However, if I use pyplot as back-end, I get the following error message:

KeyError: key :cbar_handle not found

 [1] getindex at .\dict.jl:467 [inlined]

Other times, I get some plot, but it doesn’t look very nice:

  • Data don’t properly show through the surface plot (I’ve seen that in the past, too)
  • the label is overwritten by the color bar
  • axes labels look ugly (can probably rotate the z axis label, though)

SO… anyone knows if there is a way to fix this?

…after a bit more playing around:

  • It seems like the camera keyword is the “sinner”. If I remove the camera specification, the gr back-end seems to produce the results correctly.

→ I still miss the possibility to properly use LaTeX typesetting with gr
→ Also, I notice that gr seems to switch the x and y axes in 3D plots compared to pyplot
→ ( marker type :o in gr looks more like a polygon than to a circle, in my eyes)

The problem with pyplot may only be in 3D.