Plots printed abnormally big

since I rebuilt Plots (v.1.8.0) in order to solve another issue (“GKS: character ignored due to unicode error”) my plots are now by default printed in a huge format and even when a smaller size is specified, all the objects in the plot are still abnormally big. I also tried to rebuild the package a second time but it didn’t help.

using Plots
f(x) = exp(-x^2/2)
plot(f, -3, 3) 	


Thank you

I had the same problem and created an issue:

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Had the same problem.

You might want to remove Plots.jl with

] rm Plots 

and then install the previous version v.1.7.3 with

] add Plots@1.7.3

waiting for the bug fixes.

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Thank you, It worked fine for me.

Thanks to @jheinen this bug has already been fixed.

OP I don’t see the problem, I quite like that plot.