Plots -- new syntax for marker stroke color?

I want to set the markerstrokecolor equal to the markercolor to make the label nice

scatter!(.., mc=colTs,msc=colTs,...)

– I’ve done so in this figure:

If I don’t specify the markerstrokecolor and set it equal to the markercolor, the crosses appear in black color in the label box.

After I upgraded pyplot on my computer, Plots does what I want (see figure above), but I get a warning

sys:1: UserWarning: You passed a edgecolor/edgecolors ((0.7411764705882353, 0.7176470588235294, 0.4196078431372549, 1.0)) for an unfilled marker ('x').  Matplotlib is ignoring the edgecolor in favor of the facecolor.  This behavior may change in the future.

Question: How should I change my plot specification to avoid this message, and have a more future proof code?

Hi @BLI, I started having these warnings too. Any chance you figured out where they come from?

I can confirm these too, please open an issue with pyplot label in Plots.jl github