Plots.jl white marker with coloured stroke

Using the GR backend, I would like to have scatter plots where the inside of the markers are white whilst the edge/stroke is the color of the current palette.

The problem is that setting markercolor=:white will also make the edge white if markerstrokecolor=:auto is set.


using Plots
# this will show 100 random points that are white with white stroke
scatter(rand(100), markercolor=:white, markerstrokewidth=1.7, markerstrokecolor=:auto)

Thanks in advance for any ideas! (:

It seems that this is impossible, according to this open issue: How to plot unfilled markers? · Issue #2338 · JuliaPlots/Plots.jl · GitHub
With PlotlyJS you can plot such markers, as follows:

using PlotlyJS
x= 1:20
y=1 .+2*rand(20)
pl = Plot(scatter(x=x, y=y, mode="markers", marker=attr(color=y, 
                symbol="circle-open", line_width=2,
                size=8.5, showscale=true)), Layout(width=500, height=360, 

Uncommenting template=:plotly_white, the background is removed, as well as the default colorscheme. In the former case it was :plasma, while in the latter, :matter.

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setting markerstrokecolor = :black works though

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This is exactly the workaround I have been using. Thanks!

Only downside is that the color of the markers has to be specified on a per-function-call basis.

You can also set

default( markerstrokecolor = :black )

Just for completeness, here is a MWE of how to color only the stroke of the markers: whilst keeping their color white:

        using Plots
        x = 0:0.1:2pi
        y1 = sin.(x)
        y2 = cos.(x)
        scatter(x, y1, mc=:white, msc=1)
        scatter!(x, y2, mc=:white, msc=2)