Interactive Visualisations/Dashboards in Julia?

I’m developing an interactive “front-end” to present results from testing in Julia. At this point I have only tried a few “spikes”, mostly based on Escher.jl, but I would like to better understand if there are any alternatives. Immediate goals will be basically a kind of “dshboard” to present 1-2 graphs, descriptive statistics, and the failing assertions/tests in a simple list to the user. But over time, with many more types of testing being supported in Julia the interface might increasingly become a GUI of sorts. Obviously it will be important to support all/most platforms on which we can run Julia so I’m leaning towards a back-end that collects/serves data and then a html/javascript-based front-end. But if someone know of good and relevant libraries that I should look at, or know of additional pros/cons of already identified libs below, please share.

Alternatives identified so far:

  • Escher.jl based front-end, can add components, d3.js, Vega etc for plots but also normal/interactive tables via html etc
  • Interact.jl, not so clear what are the benefits, scope?
  • GR.jl, can do interactive plots but less clear about other “GUI” elements?
  • GLVisualize.jl, 2d/3d and pure Julia so maybe easier to code/control but not yet mature enough?


plotlyJS.jl (& maybe plots.jl wrapper). Look no further for plots.

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Here’s my view from the inside:

  • Escher is theoretically a good option for web GUIs, though it needs some love to get it fully functional. I think there’s work happening on this right now… stay tuned.
  • Interact is great for those cases where you want to answer “If I change this input/variable, how does the visualization change?”… it might not be featured enough for what you want, though maybe it is
  • QML promises bindings to Qt5, and there’s active work to connect it with GR and possibly others
  • GR will also likely have it’s own path to Qt5, so that it could be embedded in complex GUIs
  • GLPlot/GLVisualize is set to be awesome, but it’s also very ambitious, so I would expect there will be small quirks until it matures more

I’m a long-time Qt developer, so I’m hopeful that people will continue working on making that integration seamless. Right now, I think all of these options will require the occasional hacking to get working.

Is there a library to build a dashboard in Julia now???

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