Plots.jl annotations location in a type @recipe

hi all,

(was posted on Plots.jl gitter)

how can I specify the annotations position when i want to label points inside a type recipe? i found that adding this to my @series block works: series_annotations := ["$i" for i in 1:10] but the annotations are barely readable. what’s the recipe way to tell it to put the annotation slightly left/right of the actual point?

struct tester
    m :: Matrix

@recipe function f(tt::tester)
    n,m = size(tt.m)
    for i in 1:n
        @series begin
            linetype --> :path
            series_annotations := ["$i" for i in 1:m]

julia> t = tester(rand(2,10))
tester([0.221619 0.803037 … 0.431155 0.57254; 0.312785 0.980244 … 0.0773248 0.268716])

julia> plot(t)

Hello, this is surely very late, yet I had the same issue yesterday, and after some tests here is a syntax that works with current versions of Plots and RecipesBase

        @series begin
            seriestype := :scatter
            markeralpha := 0
            series_annotations := [("$i", 6,  :right, :top, :red, 8) for i in 1:m]
            1:m, tt.m[i,:]