Shift series annotations in a plot for readability

Using Plots, series annotations are displayed exactly on top of the data points; this does not please my eye. Example:

using Plots
plot([1,2,3], [3,1,2], series_annotations=["a", "b", "c"])


Is there a way to shift the text a little on the left/right, so that the markers are visible separately? I have tried the hack of adding a few spaces in front of the string (" a"), but they seem to be ignored.

The simple way is to use annotate!():

using Plots
x, y = [1,2,3], [3,1,2]
plot(x, y, m=:circle)
annotate!(x, y, ["a", "b", "c"], :bottom)

and if needed, you can shift x and y to your liking.

Thanks! I did not know this form with three vectors worked, that makes sense. I added x*1.08 (since I am using a logarithmic scale) and :right and it works like a charm.