Plots -- bug in LaTeX symbol of PyPlot?

I want to “check” a symbol in Plots legends, e.g., \check{S}. However, in plots generated by Julia with PyPlot back-end, this appears as:

If I replace “check” with, say, “hat”, \hat{S}, the symbol is rendered correctly.

Question: Does anyone have a clue as to how I can fix this?

NOTE: switching to the GR backend does not solve the problem – GR supports fewer LaTeX symbols than PyPlot. (I’m also using \mathsf{R} – the mathsf style, which PyPlot handles but not GR.)

NOTE2: PyPlot handles the “breve” decoration, e.g., \breve{S}, but I prefer the “check” decoration…, and I don’t understand why “check” doesn’t work.

The check accent is not supported by the TeX-like system in matplotlib (which underlies PyPlot).
You could patch your local copy as shown in the discussion at

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Weird that “\check” and “\not” are not supported…

Anyway, I checked the link you suggested, and based on the suggestion:


I tried:


which lead to a lengthy recompilation time, and then an error message.

I assume, however, that what you meant is the second proposal:

So I guess you suggest that I go into the matplotlib code on my computer (wherever that is) and insert the line

r’check’ : r’\check’,

I hope that does not have a side-effect… (and I guess I have to do it on every computer I use).

On my work computer, I find two files with name “”. One at


and the other at


Does it matter which one I patch, or should I patch both?

There, I find:


So it seems like for some reason, “check” has not been included here…

Anyway, would:

r’check’: r’\check’,

suffice (as in the proposal above), or would I need

r’check’: r’\combiningcheck’,


Do I need to re-issue “using Plots” and “PyPlot()” again to make it work?