PlotlyJS/WebIO on AWS SageMaker Studio


I’m trying to set up a Julia environment on SageMaker Studio.
I’ve set up an image, basically taken from this sample.

However, I’m having difficultly in getting PlotlyJS to work.
My Dockerfile is essentially:

FROM jupyter/datascience-notebook:latest

# Install the AWS CLI:
RUN curl "" -o "" && \
USER root
RUN ./aws/install

# Install various Python utilities for SageMaker, and PyCall to enable using them from Julia:
# (Pinned to last tested major version for repeatability)
RUN julia -e 'import Pkg; Pkg.update()' && \
    julia -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.add("PyCall"); Pkg.precompile()' && \
    pip install \
        'boto3' \
        'sagemaker' \
        'sagemaker-experiments' \
        'sagemaker-studio-image-build' \

# Install WebIO
RUN julia -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.add("WebIO"); Pkg.precompile()' && \
    pip install webio_jupyter_extension && \
    julia -e 'using WebIO; WebIO.install_jupyter_labextension()'

However, this doesn’t work:

What am I missing?