PlotlyJS updates

I recommend PlutoPlotly a lot to people here and elsewhere.
But maybe you could expand on what the barriers are (technical or otherwise) to maybe integrating the codes of PlutoPlotly and PlotlyBase/PlotlyJS?

PlutoPlotly started as a Pluto only solution that is specifically optimized for Pluto.

I also added to it a bunch of additional customizations which are still evolving in terms of implementation so I would wait until I got some more stable structure for these additional features before even thinking proposing them for other packages.

The idea of PlutoPlotly was originally that you use that inside of Pluto and use PlotlyBase or PlotlyJS outside of Pluto as PlutoPlotly is anyhow just adding stuff on top of PlotlyBase.

With time I realized that I wanted to use Plotly outside of Pluto (potentially with some of the added features of PlutoPlotly), and while PlotlyLight is a very nice package, it uses a slightly different syntax from the one I am used to from PlotlyBase.

The main problem of the plotlyjs ecosystem at the moment is the maintenance. PlotlyJS is under an organization but PlotlyBase still isn’t, and getting bug fixes and new features is basically impossible at the moment.

That is why I plan on expanding PlutoPlotly to also work inside vscode (I either use vscode or pluto so those are my main targets, and plain html is anyhow needed for supporting vscode)

I also believe that PlotlyJS and PlutoPlotly are kind of independent, the main scope of PlutoPlotly remains Pluto so I wouldn’t want to have all the machinery for showing plots in blink/webIO to be a dependency of a plotly package for Pluto (that might be less problematic since latency improvements in 1.9 and 1.10)

If the there was an active maintainer, I’d be more than willing to contribute to PlotlyBase by adding fixes or simple features from PlutoPlotly, but I still believe the separate package is still a good way to experiment and consolidate the more advanced features, which might be too immature or out of scope (e.g. very specific to Pluto) for getting merged in the near future in PlotlyBase.

Another big point for the separate package is that I use PlutoPlotly extensively for my work and I can add features or fix problem much faster and easier if it’s an independent package


Thank you for the comprehensive answer!

Just noting that PlotlyBase has been recently forked into the JuliaPlots organisation here and I would be happy to review any contributions.


Do you know if this will be replacing the other PlotlyBase under General? As I see @sglyon still hasn’t given any feedback on the relevant issue

I don’t know. It would be much better to keep work in the original repository, but the fork might be useful for experimenting with new features.