PlotlyJS GenericTrace Error

I am trying to plot a series of boxplot following and export it to a static file. However, I am getting errors running the following code:

using PlotlyJS
using Blink
using ORCA
using JuliaDB
using JuliaDBMeta

plot_traces = GenericTrace[]
for keys in collect(keys(boxplot_dict))

    boxplot = box(; name                = boxplot_dict[keys]["name"], # Specify trace name
                    y                   = boxplot_dict[keys]["data"], # Specify trace data
                    text                = boxplot_dict[keys]["hover"], # Specify Hovertext data
                    hoverinfo           = "y+text" # Hover data displayed
    push!(plot_traces, boxplot)

plot(plot_traces, style = boxplot_style)
PlotlyJS.savefig(plot_traces, "test.pdf")

However, I keep getting the error

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching savefig(::Array{GenericTrace,1}, ::String)
Closest candidates are:
  savefig(::Plot, ::AbstractString; format, scale, width, height) at /home/jmb/.julia/packages/ORCA/xULYl/src/ORCA.jl:66
  savefig(::Union{PlotlyJS.SyncPlot, Plot}, ::AbstractString, ::Any...) at /home/jmb/.julia/packages/PlotlyJS/b9Efu/src/PlotlyJS.jl:49
  savefig(::PlotlyJS.SyncPlot, ::Any...; k...) at /home/jmb/.julia/packages/PlotlyJS/b9Efu/src/savefig_orca.jl:1
 [1] top-level scope at none:0

Are there any suggestions? I submitted a ticket with PlotlyJS.jl

Shouldn’t you do

p = plot(plot_traces, style = boxplot_style)
PlotlyJS.savefig(p, "test.pdf")

or something?

Probably should have mentioned that I tried that

p = plot(plot_traces, style = boxplot_style)
PlotlyJS.savefig(p, "test.pdf")
ERROR: MethodError: savefig(::PlotlyJS.SyncPlot, ::String) is ambiguous. Candidates:
  savefig(p::Union{PlotlyJS.SyncPlot, Plot}, fn::AbstractString, args...) in PlotlyJS at /home/jmb/.julia/packages/PlotlyJS/b9Efu/src/PlotlyJS.jl:49
  savefig(p::PlotlyJS.SyncPlot, a...; k...) in PlotlyJS at /home/jmb/.julia/packages/PlotlyJS/b9Efu/src/savefig_orca.jl:1
Possible fix, define
  savefig(::PlotlyJS.SyncPlot, ::AbstractString, ::Vararg{Any,N} where N)
 [1] top-level scope at none:0

It feels like I am doing something wrong, but I cannot find any documentation similar to my problem.