Plots jl plotlyjs ignores aspect ratio for pdf

Hi, folks.
I might be messing up, but it seems that if I plot something with size=(200,400) and then savefig to PDF, plotlyjs makes my file square-ish.
Is this a limitation, something I can work around, or me doing something wrong?

using Plots
plot(rand(3),rand(3), size=(200,400))

In PlotlyJS.jl, the savefig function doesn’t respect the internal size, but accepts width and height keyword args. The Plots.jl savefig function might accept similar kwargs.

Makes sense, thanks!

Sorry, I can’t find an easy way to call a PlotlyJS function from Plots. savefig does not support width/height, so maybe there’s a way for me to call plotllyjs.savefig from Plots?

I hesitate to suggest a different plotting package, but I think that if you need to output a pdf of a certain size, using PlotlyJS directly might be the best option.

I’d really rather not. I’m making a ton of plots and I already had to switch from GR to PlotlyJS due to some other issues and that was kind of painful. Let’s see if I can avoid that. Thanks!