Plot using remote server

I have a strange simple problem but very important for my reports
when I try to generate an image using Super Computer server
I got it with a cut at the axis (vertical and horizontal ) like this photo
this is the code used

myimage = plot((dayss,[numberofhealthyy numberofinfectedd numberofrecoveredd numberofsickk]),
       color = [:blue :green :gold :red],
       label = ["Healthy" "Infected" "Recovered" "Sick"],
       ylabel="Population" )
       savefig(myimage, "0.1prob.png")

Try adding the keyword argument left_margin=5mm (adjust until you get what you want). You may have to add using Measures first. (I’m not sure this is the issue you’re calling attention to, though.)

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I sometimes get this with GR (the default backend for Plots.jl). You can always try a different backend, such as pyplot by having the following in your file:

using Plots

This may ask you to install some additional dependencies.

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