Plot panel copy/cut doesn't work

(Right Mouse Click)

I used GR backend above and i need them. Why they doesn’t work? Is this VS code issue?

ps. I don’t get why ‘paste’ exists.


These aren’t expected to work. I’ll take a look at whether we can disable them.

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I wanted this too, but I couldn’t…

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There is a copy and save button in the upper right (potentially hidden behind a dropdown menu).

Of course i know, but how can i copy that to clipboard? as far as I know, Save botton requires specific directory and Julia: Copy Plot doesn’t work now:



“Failed to copy plot: Plot pane does not have focus.”

And even if this works, i guess Ctrl+C copy is more convenient and fast to do some works. Is it hard to implement?

That usually shouldn’t happen if you click on the plot first. It’s kinda tricky (impossible, imho) to do all the correct focus handling manually.

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Sorry, what does mean “if you click on the plot first”? In my case, i never saw that Julia: Copy Plot works. Was there a way to make Julia: Copy Plot work? (I understand that proposed feature is tricky. If Julia: Copy Plot works, that may be very helpful to me now.)

Honeycam 2022-09-06 09-36-14

↑ In this case, the “Failed to copy plot: Plot pane does not have focus.” doesn’t occur but sitll fail to copy to clipboard. Do i misunderstand about this feature?

my env:

  • window 10~11
  • julia 1.7.0
  • vscode 1.71.0
  • vscode julia extension v1.7.6
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I was coming here to report the same behavior. Even when I click on the plot first and then do ctrl-P → Julia: Copy Plot, I get the error message “Failed to copy plot: Plot pane does not have focus.”

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It worked so smooth! Thanks, just changed my life.

Hi, this copy thing works on which version please? for me, I can even select to save but it does not save in a recognizable format