Please help me out with this error

im trying to plot a graph using this code :
plot(θ_range, periods, xlabel=“Amplitude (rad)”, ylabel=“Period (s)”, legend=false)
but it there is an error saying possible method call error. i tried reinstalling the packages and updating everything but it still doesnt work. please need some help

Hi there! For people to be able to help, you should post the exact code you’re running (simplified if possible, and formatted with enclosing backticks for the forum), the exact error messages you’re seeing, and details of the environment you’re working in (eg VSCode, Jupyter, Pluto, etc.). Also it might be worth mentioning which packages and versions you’re using.


Are you getting an actual error or just a warning saying possible method call error on VSCode? If the latter ignore (and turn out that linter feature if you get too many false positives

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it says possible method call error!

im using vscode connected with julia documentation.
the packages im using are Differential Equations and Plots

So you’re not getting any errors, just a false positive linter warning. As I said either ignore or turn off that linter setting if it bothers you.

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