Pkg update stuck at 100%

I also got hit by this problem on Linux with Julia 1.8.5 (except that package update hangs at 100% rather than 99.9%…).

I’ve updated the thread with the solution (Pkg.update in Julia 1.5 uses github - #5 by pierre-haessig) because removing and adding back the General registry didn’t make a change (unless I missed something): the URL of my General is still

What is the output of the following command?

julia> readdir(joinpath(DEPOT_PATH[1], "registries"))
2-element Vector{String}:

julia> versioninfo()

Seeing at your general has a URL, perhaps you have disabled the package server? What is ENV["JULIA_PKG_SERVER"] ?

P.S. It would probably be a good idea to start your own thread since we’re not sure your problem is the same as this one.

Thanks @mkitti for helping!

I’ve the same output for readdir(joinpath(DEPOT_PATH[1], "registries")) as you: there are two “General…” files in that folder. Version info is 1.8.5 (the standard Linux binary freshly updated from Download Julia).

As for the environment variable, it seems unset:

ERROR: KeyError: key "JULIA_PKG_SERVER" not found

Now, I don’t know how the package manager handles caches of a registry and perhaps not many changes occurred since yesterday, but today when running package update, I get a near instantaneous response:

pkg> update
    Updating registry at `~/.julia/registries/General.toml`
  No Changes to `~/.julia/environments/v1.8/Project.toml`
  No Changes to `~/.julia/environments/v1.8/Manifest.toml`

And indeed it would be worth putting this in another thread, but I think only moderators can split threads (Edit: I’ve add the “off-topic” private flag on my first post above).

So it sounds like this was a transient issue? Perhaps some local network connectivity problem?