Pkg: unable to connect to


I’m having this issue under Julia 1.8.2. A clean Julia install has not been able to solve it.

(@v1.8) pkg> up
┌ Warning: could not download
│   exception = HTTP/2 301 (Failed to connect to port 443 after 27 ms: Connection refused) while requesting
└ @ Pkg.Registry /cache/build/default-amdci4-6/julialang/julia-release-1-dot-8/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.8/Pkg/src/Registry/Registry.jl:68
    Updating registry at `~/.julia/registries/General`
Unhandled Task ERROR: IOError: FDWatcher: bad file descriptor (EBADF)
 [1] try_yieldto(undo::typeof(Base.ensure_rescheduled))
   @ Base ./task.jl:871
 [2] wait()
   @ Base ./task.jl:931
 [3] wait(c::Base.GenericCondition{Base.Threads.SpinLock})
   @ Base ./condition.jl:124
 [4] _wait(fdw::FileWatching._FDWatcher, mask::FileWatching.FDEvent)
   @ FileWatching ~/packages/julias/julia-1.8/share/julia/stdlib/v1.8/FileWatching/src/FileWatching.jl:535
 [5] wait(fdw::FileWatching.FDWatcher)
   @ FileWatching ~/packages/julias/julia-1.8/share/julia/stdlib/v1.8/FileWatching/src/FileWatching.jl:563
 [6] macro expansion
   @ ~/packages/julias/julia-1.8/share/julia/stdlib/v1.8/Downloads/src/Curl/Multi.jl:166 [inlined]
 [7] (::Downloads.Curl.var"#40#46"{Int32, FileWatching.FDWatcher, Downloads.Curl.Multi})()
   @ Downloads.Curl ./task.jl:484
    Updating git-repo ``
  No Changes to `~/.julia/environments/v1.8/Project.toml`
  No Changes to `~/.julia/environments/v1.8/Manifest.toml`
[ Info: We haven't cleaned this depot up for a bit, running Pkg.gc()...
      Active manifest files: 1 found
      Active artifact files: 0 found
      Active scratchspaces: 0 found
     Deleted no artifacts, repos, packages or scratchspaces

(@v1.8) pkg>

Are you able to download in the browser or using curl on the command line, e.g. with curl -L

No, I can’t. By the way, issue is being observed since last Sunday on three different computers, each one under very distinct network installation.

(base) ciro@pc-ciro:~$ curl -L
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused
(base) ciro@pc-ciro:~$

Confirmed that is not allowing connections. I’ve moved this to a new topic since it’s an unrelated issue. That server may be having issues.

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Server is back. Thanks.

Yep, I pinged @staticfloat and he fixed it. Full disk. Thanks for the report!