Julia 1.8.2:could not download https://pkg.julialang.org/registries

Hi there,
I am new to Julia and I need help below please. I am new user hence I can put 2 links in a post.

Warning: could not download https://pkg.julialang.org/registries
exception = Could not resolve host: pkg.julialang.org while requesting “first link” @ Pkg.Registry C:\buildbot\worker\package_win32\build\usr\share\julia\stdlib\v1.8\Pkg\src\Registry\Registry.jl:68"

Please advice.


How did you install Julia? Are you behind a corporate firewall?

Yes…I am using Julia at Corporate

Thanks alot ufechner7. I have disable to corporate firewall and able to download Pluto :smiley:

Again, Thanks!