Pkg(3) Tutorial

I know that up to now it probably wasn’t a priority, but it would be nice to have a simple tutorial for the package manager. I’ve seen a few discussions of its use so far, but it seems that a newbie would have a hard time of picking this up just from the documentation. Are there some simple examples? How to set up the dependency trees and so on…


The docs on Code Loading (Pkg3) have stellar examples


Yeah, they are clearly working on documentation and know that it’s needs completing… so I didn’t want to pester them about that. Didn’t stop me from asking them 2 dozen questions though :laughing:

That link is broken.


There’s something weird and inconsistent going on with how URLs are formatted for different people. It’s really perplexing and annoying: the URLs that some people get in the doc system are broken for other people and vice versa. One of these should hopefully work for everyone:


The first two work for me. The last one doesn’t.

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Yeah, this has been bothering me for a while. Still have not figured out what’s going on. The last one shouldn’t work so that’s normal. The first two should for everyone.

The first and third work for me.

None work for me :slight_smile:

I’m using Vivaldi on mac OS.

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Neither for me (Firefox on Win) but I still have the last link open in other tab from yesterday or so. I guess that if I refresh the page it will go 404 too.

Funny, if I take for example the first link (which does not work for me in Portugal) and put it into google translator and translate from English to English, than it works.

I think it has something to do with when the docs get updated, which has occurred frequently lately.

Try going to the docs homepage switching to the 0.6 docs and then switching back to the “latest” docs. That should fix it.

First and third work for me. Chrome on Win 10.

It’s either transient or network-dependent. On the same computer, only 1 and 2 worked at home this morning, but now only 1 and 3 work on campus.

1 and 3 work for me… on iPhone Safari :wink: