Pilot on Data Analysis in Colombia


I would like how to reach out to Julia in order to see if we can get together and develop a pilot on data analysis for colombian public schools

Welcome! Could you give a bit more background and detail on what you are after? “Data analysis” is a rather vast field, and it’s also not clear to me what exactly you are looking for help with - pointers to relevant packages, developing teaching material, doing actual teaching?

Hi thank you for the response.

We are a government program that seeks to enhance education with technology among all public schools in Colombia. This year, we are trying to do some innovation labs in 10 different cities across the country. These labs are for teachers (primary and secondary) but they have duties and tasks to replicate within classrooms and send evidence about what they are constantly doing. In this sense, each of the labs have a different emphasis for example on one of them we will have an emphasis on computational thinking doing it with Code. org and in other we have an emphasis on robotics with another allie. We were trying to reach out to Julia to see if we can have one of the labs focused on tools for data analysis for decision making based on what julia has developed so far The idea would be that kids perhaps fro highschool could learn how to use Julia in order to make decisions of different kinds.

Please let us know we can send every detail of the strategy.

Warm regards,