Julia @ Data Science Day, Columbia U

Hi, I’m demo-ing a julia-based project at the Data Science Day at Columbia University. As far as I know I’ll be the only student with a julia project there (if not, hit me up!), and I was wondering what other people have been doing in terms of using julia for your demos/talks:

Did you actively promote your usage of julia in your talks to python audiences?

Should I, given the context?


@tkoolen, @alanedelman, and I have given a couple of “Julia for robotics” talks, and we’ve found it useful to make an (unregistered) Julia package specifically for the talk, like this: https://github.com/tkoolen/Robocon2017Tutorial.jl (all the content is in the notebooks folder).

Having it in a package format means that we can use Travis CI to test the notebooks, and that users can install the demo with Pkg.clone() and automatically get all the dependencies.

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Thanks, I’ll definitely do this!