Julia @ Data Science Day, Columbia U


Hi, I’m demo-ing a julia-based project at the Data Science Day at Columbia University. As far as I know I’ll be the only student with a julia project there (if not, hit me up!), and I was wondering what other people have been doing in terms of using julia for your demos/talks:

Did you actively promote your usage of julia in your talks to python audiences?

Should I, given the context?



@tkoolen, @alanedelman, and I have given a couple of “Julia for robotics” talks, and we’ve found it useful to make an (unregistered) Julia package specifically for the talk, like this: https://github.com/tkoolen/Robocon2017Tutorial.jl (all the content is in the notebooks folder).

Having it in a package format means that we can use Travis CI to test the notebooks, and that users can install the demo with Pkg.clone() and automatically get all the dependencies.


Thanks, I’ll definitely do this!