NEW: JuliaPerformance launched, an IT consultancy for Julia in Germany and Central Europe

I am very happy to announce the launch of the IT consulting company JuliaPerformance, dedicated entirely to the Julia programming language. JuliaPerformance is active in Germany, the DACH region, and Central Europe.

You know it best: Julia is the perfect technology for modern data analysis. Benefits are faster time-to-market, efficient knowledge sharing and onboarding, as well as easy maintenance.

JuliaPerformance dedicates one day per week to open source and SDG projects, so we look forward to contributing to Julia’s large open source community as well.

If you need support for your data project, please contact us. JuliaPerformance focuses on machine intelligence, Big Data, and real-time capabilities, creating modern data and analytics pipelines. We support projects of all types and sizes, from proof-of-concept to moving entire departments to Julia.

For a free consultation, contact:
+49 152 2406 7803

Looking forward to growing together with the Julia community.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all,

Stephan Sahm
Organizer of the Julia User Group Munich
and founder of JuliaPerformance

‚ąī making julia the standard


It is really nice seeing Julia grow in real time. I recently got asked by a first semester student, whether they would learn a modern language such as Julia in my course on ‚ÄúScientific Programming‚ÄĚ that I teach in a later semester‚Ķ :slight_smile: