PIC (particle-in-cell), space charge tracking simulation?

Perhaps the conversation is getting a bit narrow, but I’m hoping it will catch some attention and gather some momentum.

The FDTD method relies on the “staggered” (or nested) grids for the dual quantities. That works well when the grid is Cartesian.

The same outcome can be achieved with FEM grids via a careful choice of basis functions or choice of weak form.

So far I think there are very few alternatives to FDTD.

Personally I find these kind of topics fascinating and the scientific/numerical domain knowledge that people bring to the Julia forum is what makes it really interesting, not just another programming forum. So thanks for what you’ve posted so far; I for one appreciate it being posted publicly.

I’d also point out that discourse gives fairly powerful tools for people to mute threads they don’t find interesting.


I agree. In fact, I keep learning about new (to me) kinds of math and simulation by learning about Julia.

Did you complete that geometric multigrid routine? I’m currently using the AlgebraicMultigrid.jl, but geometric MG applies to my use case and is much faster in my experience.

Yes I did but I it still require some packaging work. Would you be interested to test it ? I am away from my computer but I can send it to you tomorrow.

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I would be interested too. Many thanks.

That would be great! I’ve coded a few of these before, but it seems wasteful to keep doing them individually if a nearly identical code could be used by more people.

Hi, i also have already coded PIC codes for plasma physics and fluid mechanics (VIC). I will be happy to help and contribute.


Hi @PetrKryslUCSD and @weymouth, I finally put the repo containing the GMG prototype on github.


Great, thanks @LaurentPlagne! I’m writing a separate fluid solver so general flows, so maybe we could see about developing a GMG solver which works for both?

Would be awesome !

I am currently working on CFD and full potential solver using my geometric algebra foundation Grassmann.jl. Will take a look at your work as well, but will not be contributing because I am developing a universal foundation for CFD based on geometric algebra from scratch and have my own repositories for that. Also solved the lid cavity problem already as well. Don’t know much about multi grid, I’m still learning. If anyone is interested in using Grassmann as the geometric foundation for CFD, let me know.

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