Julia for HEP Mini-workshop

Following up the Julia session at the last PyHEP workshop, a study of potential of this programming language for HEP is being launched within the PyHEP WG of HSF. The goal is to write a report that will describe its potential, the possible challenges and recommendations on its usage. Julia is a fast-growing language that offers performance of C++ with the easiness of code writing of Python.

We invite all persons interested in participating in this work to get in contact with Philippe Gras (@grasph) and Ben Krikler. A list of topics to address have been identified and can be found in Topics for the HSF Julia-for-HEP mini workshop of Sep. 2021. - CodiMD. We will appreciate if you can indicate in your message the particular aspect(s) or topic(s) you are interested in.

We will start with a mini-workshop that will take place on Monday 27th September at 15:00 CEST,
Julia for HEP Mini-workshop (27 September 2021) · Indico

The workshop will focus on discussions and hands-on work. The goal is the preparation of the report.

If you’re interested in High-Energy Physics (HEP) or just want to support an important scientific community getting on board with Julia, do join us on Monday!


Also consider join the google group:

The host at HSF told us this workshop will be a discussion on Julia for HEP forward, presumably people will talk about the various needs in HEP (from MC generation, analysis, statistical inference) and how’s the ecosystem in Julia.