PhD scholarship in dynamical systems/nonlinear dynamics

A bit of a long shot, but if there is anyone who is looking to do a PhD in dynamical systems/nonlinear dynamics, would like to develop Julia-based dynamics software, and is based in the UK, I’d love to hear from you. I’m particularly interested in stochastic dynamics and links to machine learning.

I’m part of a small group researchers in dynamics at the University of Bristol, UK based in the Department of Engineering Mathematics and there is the opportunity for funded PhD studentships (ca. £15k a year plus tuition fees) starting in January. These are competitively awarded (i.e., I’m not guaranteed any for this project) and unfortunately restricted to people who have been resident in the UK for a minimum of 3 years and have leave to stay (see - note that the 10% rule mentioned has already been allocated this year, so you do need to be UK-based).

The deadline for application is the end of September 2019. (It’s not an entirely strict deadline but there are some internal processes I will need to complete before the hard deadline.) You can message me directly on Discourse/Slack or email me.