Fellowships for Research Software Engineers in the UK

I don’t know if anyone is interested in becoming a Research Software Engineer in the UK but if so, there is a call for fellowships coming out shortly https://epsrc.ukri.org/funding/calls/pre-announcement-for-research-software-engineer-rse-fellowships/ - I’d be very happy to support someone from the Julia community in this! My background is dynamical systems/differential equations but I can also provide introductions to people in other areas across my institution (Bristol).

Get in touch if you are interested. (Obviously you could also do one of these fellowships at another institution in the UK but Bristol is the place to be :wink:)


Is it gonna happen this year?
If so, and you’re interested, I’m interested in it.

There is no fixed schedule, so no one can tell for sure, but I think it’s unlikely to happen again this year. The previous round was more than 3 years ago

@giordano But isn’t the post from June 2020?


I apologize for being unclear, what do you mean by,

The previous round was more than 3 years ago

There have been three calls so far for this Fellowship: May 2015, ~May 2017, June 2020. The call before the current one (the call is closed, but the selection is still in progress) was more than three years ago (the one in 2017)


@giordano Thanks!