Personal Statement

Dear Julia community,

most of you have a scientific background, I guess, and many of you keep or shall keep their promotional certificates in their hands. The mine is now close to forty years old. I can’t say, I made much of it, neither scientifically nor monetary.

After retirement from work – back to the roots – I wanted to do some Linear Algebra, MATLAB sucked, Scala was too restricted for me. So I joined your sparkling community some years ago. I had a delightful experience!

This is not my R.I.P. (yet), but, after an urgent spinal operation I feel a swinging in my life’s orbit that could decline me. So, if my engagement here seems to shrink, it is because of the movement of focus, maybe
heading charity, climate, world peace, humanitarian… (should set up one of Chris’s wonderful solvers for that!).

The nurse who had cared for me, a nice going-to-be medical student who guided my wife and me to the exit gate of the hospital was named - believe it or not -


What a marvellous coincidence.

Dr. Klaus Crusius / KlausC / krc


You will always be welcome in the community. Take care.


@klacru That is a marvellous post. Remember you can help by answering newbie questions on here and being friendly!


What a beautiful coincidence on the name. Get well soon—we’re all rooting for you!


No brain OP, I am suffering from my legs (joke)…I will Just spend less time!

Enough now with this sentimental but true story, that happened to me!
For my family’s latent question

         "Wtf is Julia?"

it might be an answer, partially explaining my love for Julia, the language.

Thank you for your heartful support and the cheering words. I feel rooted by that, really!



Best wishes and a speedy recovery, @klacru . I somehow resonate with the time elapsed since I’ve got my promo certificate and what I’ve done so far.
Long live Julia :slight_smile:

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Did you start with punched cards aus Well?

Haha! How jealous those loved ones may be!

Certainly not… but did start with 5" floppy disks and C coding 25+ years ago…
Time flies when you’re having fun, they say :innocent:

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Heh, I have uploaded Solar observation program from a punch tape to a HP2100 system at Metsähovi Radio Observatory in the early 80’s. You could edit the program by replacing a sequence with a hand punched piece of tape. Yes, been there, done that :-D. In fact I still have a 16 kW core memory board of that thing.

Speedy recovery and all the best from Finland!

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