Pathbird: Experiential teaching & learning platform for computational courses

Hi, friends & colleagues!

I’m posting here to solicit feedback from people in the Julia community about the cool stuff my startup is working on in educational technology! Pathbird is an online teaching/learning platform that lets you create engaging, experiential, and self-paced lessons for your students (like a living textbook).

We recently spun out of UMich’s College of Engineering as a separate company and want to focus on supporting faculty teaching computational courses. Professor Raj Rao has been using the platform in his course for the past two years and we’d love to be useful in your courses as well. We’ve been using it to teach data science with Julia (and a bit of Python) and also have upcoming support for R. For us, it’s been a great way to do flipped-classroom lectures as well as labs and homeworks, and I’m excited to see how other people could use it!

Right now, we’re really looking for feedback (and potentially early partners/beta users if the stars align!).

I’d really love to hear feedback from the Julia community about what we’re doing. If you teach any kind of computational course, please reach out to me at – I’d love to chat and show you around the platform. (Also happy to answer questions here!)

Thanks all!