Packages for Quantum Mechanics

Are there Julia packages (like quspin and qutap in python) to help me construct quantum Hamiltonian efficiently?

There is QuantumOptics.jl for general purpose QM, Yao.jl targeted at quantum circuits, and many more: Search results for 'quantum #package-announcements' - Julia Programming Language

Please move your post into an appropriate category. I would put it in New to Julia - Julia Programming Language. Any upcoming questions about the usage of a particular package for quantum mechanics should be posted under Quantum - Julia Programming Language

Maybe also change the title to something like “Packages for Quantum Mechanics”, or “Julia analogue to QuTIP”. As it stands, it appears you are asking about constructing a particular Hamiltonian.


Another package worth looking into is QuantumLattices.jl, which is designed for condensed matter physicists. It contains some functionalities for constructing Hamiltonians on lattices like in this example.

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