Ann: QuantumOptics.jl 0.4


We just released version 0.4 of our quantum simulation framework QuantumOptics.jl! Thanks to new motivated contributors we were able to work on many aspects. Probably most noticeable are our efforts to improve the visibility of our project:

  • The cornerstone is our new website:

  • A logo modeled in the typical Julia style (thanks to Teresa Ostermann!)

  • Documentation: Besides improving the content we also switched to Documenter.jl and integrated it on our website:

  • Examples: Implementation of many well known quantum physics problems. (Also has nice pictures :grinning:)

  • Benchmarks: A huge amount of benchmarks that allow us to detect and avoid speed regressions. It also includes benchmarks for other quantum simulation frameworks which helps us identify areas that should be further optimized. The results are displayed on

But also the code itself made huge advances:

  • Julia 0.6 ready.

  • Nearly 100% test coverage (which helped us find quite a few bugs)

  • More features (many-body systems, n-level systems, wigner function, semi-classical systems, Schrödinger and master equations with time- and state dependent operators, …)

  • Cleaner, better documented code.

There is always more stuff to do and we already have a few points that we will focus on next:

  • Write a publication (already in the final stages)

  • Switch the internally used ODE solver to DifferentialEquations.jl

  • Stochastic Schrödinger and master equations

At this point we would be grateful for any kind of feedback, be it as feature requests or general comments.