PackageCompiler EXE-File: How suppress extra DOS-Window beside GUI-Window (Gtk4)

Hello guys

am experimenting with PackageCompiler at the moment and so far have always created EXE files that only run in a DOS window. This works so far also quite well.

But now I have created a small GUI application with Gtk4 which does not work as expected.

After executing the EXE file the GUI works (a window with different widgets opens) but in addition the application always starts with a DOS window, which is undesirable in my case.

Who can help me there. Glad about every idea

PS: The question that also arises for me, is this typical behavior or is it more because I am doing something wrong?

More Details:

I compiled this:

module MusterGUIAppEXE

using Gtk4

function julia_main()
    win = GtkWindow("My First Gtk4 Program", 400, 200)
    b = GtkButton(label="Click Me!", visible=true)
    push!(win, b)
    visible(win, true)
    if !isinteractive()
        c = Condition()
        signal_connect(win, :close_request) do widget
        @async Gtk4.GLib.glib_main()


create the .exe File via

using PackageCompiler

create_app("MusterGUIAppEXE", "MusterGUIAppEXECompiled")

I have in the meantime found a dirty solution that works for me.

Maybe it will help someone:

From this website I downloaded the tool nircmd.exe (I take no responsibility) NirCmd - Windows command line tool and put it into the /bin directory where the compiled EXE file is located.

Then I created a shortcut of the EXE file in the /bin folder and entered the following under properties: nircmd.exe execmd K:\yourpath\bin\MusterGUIAppEXE.exe

If I now start the program via the shortcut, the console window is completely suppressed and only the GUI window is displayed.