No console window with Gtk

Hi everyone, new in Julia, I need to have a GUI on Julia in WIN11 (can’t choose OS), I choose Gtk.jl and test a simple script

using Gtk
win = GtkWindow(“My First Gtk.jl Program”, 400, 200)
b = GtkButton(“Click Me”)
function on_button_clicked(w)
set_gtk_property!(win, :title, “New title”)
signal_connect(on_button_clicked, b, “clicked”)
if !isinteractive()
@async Gtk.gtk_main()

I discover that I need the last four lines to keep the program opened (when not lauched in REPL) !

What I cannot find on internet including this forum, when I launch the script directly ie not by include in REPL, is to remove the console window which launches along with Gtk window ???

Any Idea ? You will have my endless gratitude …