Package to extract jll(s) and/or artifact(s) to use as CLI program

I swear I once came across a package which which would extract julia artifacts (jll?) into a standalone unit. But I can’t remember the name to find it. Am I dreaming this?
As I recall, it could either symlink the deps from the DEPOT path or optionally copy them into a directory tree.
Does anyone recall such a thing?

Perhaps you are thinking of JLLPrefixes or ygg?


Thanks @fredrikekre ! JLLPrefixes looks like the one I was thinking of.

I’m creating a Julia “highlights” presentation for our software team, at work. One point I wanted to mention is how Julia more than plays well with other languages. For example, BinaryBuilder.jl sometimes seems to even build things even more reproducibely and comprehensively than those standard upstream packagers; with the products even available for use outside of Julia. Then I realized many jlls still depend on other jll libs to actually run. But then I thought I remembered a package which might end up pulling all the deps to actually make that work.
It was just a link I wanted to add to presentation, but couldn’t find/recall.