Package name suggestions

Hi guys!

I am about to release a toolbox created at INPE for Julia that has many functions related to Satellite analysis. The plan is to transform this in a “official” Julia package. However, to do so, I need to also make the package with functions related to reference frame conversion a “official” package. The problem is that the package was always called Rotations.jl and there is already a package called Rotations.jl in Julia.

I am planning to rename the package to RefFrameRotations.jl, is it ok?

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If this is the first public release, I don’t see how renaming could be problematic (except for the existing users insider your organization :smile:). Actually, this is probably the best time to choose a longer and more expressive name, following the guidelines.


Done! Following your advice and the guidelines, I called ReferenceFrameRotations.jl, which is nice, and it was submitted to METADATA! Let’s hope everything is fine :slight_smile: