Package Manager: Erratic behavior?

After installing the ShiftedArrays package I have observed that a bunch of the packages I have installed were downgraded (while some were upgraded).

Most egregiously was plots which reverted to 0.28.4 from 1.6.3

I am a little confused given that ShiftedArrays has no dependencies

Is there something I could do?
Uninstalling ShiftedArrays does not solve the problem and Plots is stuck at 0.28.4 now.

Only thing left to do was rm -rf ~/.julia but I hope there is a better way.

Edit: related to this or this?

Yes, this can be confusing, you could rather do:

(@v1.6) pkg> add --preserve=all package

(@v1.6) pkg> ? add  # to see other options

(@v1.6) pkg> add Plots@1.6.3  # a possible fix or partial fix, to revert to the version you had

I would want an option allowing at most updating other packages, while I suppose the idea is your package should still work with some of its dependencies downgraded…

Can you post the output of Pkg.status()?

Then, as suggested above, can you do

] add Plots@1.6.3

And post the output?

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I will make sure next time I reproduce the bug. I had to go with the rm -r ~/.julia route this time.


Maybe also worth looking at this