Colorschemes stopped working

I have a rather strange bug. For seemingly no reason everything related to colorschemes.jl stopped working for me in Julia 1.6, Plots 1.0.14. Colorschemes from ColorSchemes · Plots are not available too. For example

using Plots

returns errors, in the first command the proper method is not present, in the second :turbo is not present. The strange thing is the test are good, so I am not even sure how to provide some more detailed information.

On my second computer everything works fine.

why are you on such an old version of Plots? The current version is 1.15.2

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I have no idea, updating Plots was the first thing I’ve tried. Julia refuses to update Plots to a higher version than 1.0.14.

If you try to force it you will get an error message showing you which packages hold you back

pkg> add Plots@1.15.2

I’ve somehow missed information that package Bio is depreciated and you should use BioSequences instead. It truly pushed my Plots into ancient version. Thanks, now I’ll know how to deal with such problems!

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I’ve had this happen more than once now. There doesn’t seem to be a super-robust smooth way to avoid this. I’d recommend that every time you hit Pkg.add("something") or Pkg.update() you pay close attention to the list of downgraded packages. If your Plots was downgraded it will tell you why. If it’s downgraded because of a package you no longer use, you remove that package and add Plots again. If you get to a point where Plots simply doesn’t want to be upgraded, you destroy the Manifest.toml and Project.toml in your environment and remove (selectively or not, depends on how annoyed you are at the time) the package repo inside .julia. Then you re-add all the packages you really need, one by one, paying super close attention to which packages are being downgraded and when. Make sure you keep projects you care about inside their own environments, so you don’t have to do that too often. :crazy_face:

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