Package keeps precompiling after starting Julia every single time

I have created a package for computing maximum independent sets. The package uses two JLL wrappers built by me as well.

The package is registered and you can load it using ] add MaximumIndependentSet. The source code is available at Please find below a MWE to use it:

using MaximumIndependentSet
using Graphs

g = random_regular_graph(20, 5; seed = 0)

The problem I am having is with precompilation. The package keeps precompiling after starting a new session every single time and I do not understand why.

I am using this package in developing another module, for which I get the following warning upon running julia test/runtests.jl when run using julia 1.11 beta (we observe the same behavior with 1.10):

Precompiling pDPC...
  2 dependencies successfully precompiled in 39 seconds. 130 already precompiled.
┌ Warning: The call to compilecache failed to create a usable precompiled cache file for pDPC [0199f61d-1342-4d9a-8db3-fcbec540a409]
│   exception = Required dependency Base.PkgId(Base.UUID("9e812ceb-42a3-473a-b295-b8bb2099a8ce"), "MaximumIndependentSet") failed to load from a cache file.
└ @ Base loading.jl:2407
Precompiling MaximumIndependentSet...
  1 dependency successfully precompiled in 4 seconds. 83 already precompiled.

I believe that this issue is related to Precompiling module each time without any change but the solution proposed (add the lib extension to the line @wrapmodule () ...) looks more like a workaround to me, and moreover I tried it without success

I think this is a regression in loading due to the pkgimage relocation feature in v1.11. Will take a look!

… when run using julia 1.11 beta (we observe the same behavior with 1.10)

Sorry, I overlooked that this also happens on v1.10. Then its unrelated to relocation.

The problem is caused by CxxWrap.@wrapmodule. That macro adds an include_dependency(path) to your pkg, but it does not generate a file or directory there. This causes the repeated precompilation.

Need to understand whether that’s a problem of CxxWrap or Julia Base.