Package Dev Leader Boards

As of today, these are the top 25 most committal Julia package devs:

# User Top Packages Commits
1 ChrisRackauckas OrdinaryDiffEq DifferentialEquat… DiffEqBase 7071
2 JeffreySarnoff DoubleFloats ArbFloats TimesDates 6758
3 timholy Images JLD HDF5 6549
4 SimonDanisch GLVisualize GLAbstraction Makie 5327
5 MikeInnes Flux CodeTools Jewel 4572
6 dlfivefifty ApproxFun SingularIntegralE… BandedMatrices 4355
7 mlubin JuMP ReverseDiffSparse MathProgBase 3912
8 blegat MathOptInterface Polyhedra JuMP 3199
9 joshday OnlineStats SparseRegression AverageShiftedHis… 2925
10 shashi Escher JuliaDB Dagger 2898
11 maleadt CUDAnative CUDAdrv LLVM 2814
12 wbhart AbstractAlgebra Nemo Hecke 2808
13 lindahua Distributions NumericExtensions StatsBase 2745
14 davidanthoff Query Mimi VegaLite 2666
15 quinnj HTTP ODBC CSV 2418
16 denizyuret Knet AutoGrad CUDNN 2385
17 tkelman CoinOptServices AbstractFFTs Maracas 2329
18 Keno Cxx Gallium Maracas 2295
19 rdeits DrakeVisualizer MeshCat RigidBodyTreeInsp… 2270
20 tkoolen RigidBodyDynamics RigidBodySim Parametron 2231
21 jakebolewski LibGit2 OpenCL JuliaParser 2107
22 dehann Caesar IncrementalInference RoME 2083
23 simonster DSP JLD2 JLD 1959
24 stevengj PyCall IJulia PyPlot 1958
25 goedman PtFEM Stan NumericalMethodsf… 1955

// now just try telling that to their significant others


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I am not sure how Julia Observer queries the Github API, but I have a feel that is not capturing 2018. The Github API gives you top 100 ever users by commits by week (per repo). I have the data from a month ago I used for a paper, but some users are no longer that active this year.

These are cumulative commits. Taken by summing all the activities stored in julia observer’s db. So it only indirectly uses the github API for this case?

Can you post your paper? Would be interesting to compare the two lists