Julia Programmers Ranked by Contributions

I came across this Julia Programmers Ranked by Contributions, but I don’t really know how to interpret it.

Are there any other similar Julia rankings that you are aware of?

I don’t know what they are measuring but this ranking seems to be completely meaningless. Almost no core contributors appear in the list. Also, many people that show up seem to have made almost no or very few Julia contributions (as quickly judged by their pinned packages, overall GitHub activity in the last year, etc.).

In any case, on a more personal note, I don’t think such rankings are particularly useful. For one they are almost always flawed (how do you really measure contributions / impact?). And then I also quite generally don’t like the idea of ranking people like this. It feels that this somehow suggests that if you’re not close to the top you “don’t matter”, which is both a bad message and also just plain incorrect IMHO.


it is just for DK, NO, SE, FI
based on Git Commits I guess


As for other “rankings”, the obvious one is Contributors to JuliaLang/julia · GitHub although it only covers the main language, of course.

To capture impact to the ecosystem, one could perhaps look at the most starred packages (e.g. based on JuliaHub) and look who’s contributing to these packages.


@lawless-m, thanks, I totally overlooked the countries in the upper right corner.

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Easy to climb to rank 59: you need just a single contribution :wink:
I don’t know what a list of contributors is, when contributor #59 has 0 contributions. But, my guess, motivation is everything.

Ok, I am too restrictive, it’s a list of programmers, not a list of contributors.

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I completely agree with all your comments.

A limited use of these lists could be to help find expert users of Julia.

Agreed. For our JuliaCon 2021 talk about the Julia ecosystem, Eric and I could have done this kind of ranking, but opted not to. Even though it looks initially fun, it doesn’t seem to be productive or positive in any way. Aggregated statistics about the community are more interesting, to see how we fare as a whole and what we can improve.


As meaningless as rankings like this is, I’m also a bit miffed to not have made the list.


If you are not part of DK, NO, SE, FI you can make your own list. Depending on your choice of radius you can be number 1. I thought about this and I am pretty sure that I am number 1 with 0 contributions in my region :wink:
(I think I have a minor number of contributions, didn’t check, not really of interest for me).


I’m Swedish, but I didn’t have a location set on GitHub, that may have been the issue.

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I’m on the list but I’m not entirely clear on what it counts. Probably the number of contributions to GitHub repositories classified as having Julia as language, over some period of time.

If you would be able to count your contribution to Julia in general because of the help you provided here this would be very interesting. Not as a rank, but as a individual personal information for motivation.

All good answers here are like multipliers of contribution to the language.

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