Pacioli.jl is now on GitHub

Pacioli.jl is now available in my GitHub repository. This project is not yet available as a package, but I hope to add this and get caught up on my laundry in the next few days. The user file is avaliable here.

If anyone wants to contribute, I have a problem with error tests on the issues page, and in my kaban are some future improvements. I also plan to set up a tutorial, and a Pluto example page, on how to use Pacioli, and on how to do double entry book keeping.

some relevant links:


How does the cattle management and grazing coming into it?

(I have a side interest in New Zealand dairy farming:

I need to change the descriptiton, this was meant to be a personal description, for other projects I have planned. Namely to translate GitHub - BlackNellore/MaxProfitFeeding: Diet optimization model for beef cattle based on NRC 8th Ed. (2016) to Julia, to use this, and to improve my skills in both Julia and Python.

The (human) diet problem in JuMP:

New Zealand doesn’t really feed TMR, so I was more interested in how you optimize diet (fresh pasture + supplement) over time in the face of uncertainty:

(If you’re an ag person, don’t pay too much attention to the numbers. They need more calibration than we had time for…)

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But there is still market demand, and there is less fossils fuel use. It will be interesting to see if cereals can be harvested in future permaculture. But this is getting off topic.


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The uncertainty and grazing are interesting although more complex than cost optimization of feed. The purpose is for management rather than policy.