Package for financial calculator type functions?

Suppose you want to do the kinds of things excel will do for simple financial calculations, like net present value, internal rate of return, mortgage tables, blablabla but in Julia? Is there a package that does these things?

Can we replace fooling around in Excel with some nice Julia notebooks?

I didn’t find anything by searching but I’m not sure if I’m searching with the right jargon. I don’t do financial calculations primarily, but it would be useful occasionally to build financial models of projects or even just to fire up Julia at the command line and run a few numbers, like a mortgage calculation.

Packages Overview | JuliaActuary ?

That seems to have a few generally useful things but mainly has more specialty stuff. I don’t see an obvious way for example to calculate a payment for a mortgage for example. Though it will calculate the pv of a set of payments. I’m not sure what else I’d want but basically anything an old HP financial calculator would do.