Model of accounts

Hi, I need a piece of architecture advice.

I am trying to implement a DSL for financial modelling (3 statement financial model, not the asset-valuaion one). Conceptually the model is quite straitforward: given a number of assumptions and a starting balance sheet, one applies accounting rules (reporting, more precisely) and calculates the future state of accounts. There is no need to anyhow solve this system, pure simuation. Pluto seems to be a nice UI for this kind of models, so I’ve ventured into this. And easily reached my limits :slight_smile:.

So far so good, I’ve made a squeaky prototype and it even calculates something. Here

It boils down to:

  • Each account is associated with a formula (string) for calculation. This formula can reference other accounts and this account values for the current and the previous periods.
  • Some parameters are vectors, i.e. one element for each time period.
  • There is a calculate!() method that cycles over time periods and calculates a new state of accounts.

At this point I’ve got a feeling that I am reinventing the wheel. So my question is, how would you aproach this task? Should I build on top of ModelingToolkit instead? Another library?

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You can consider this. (disclaimer: I don’t try it out yet, it’s just in my overflowed TODO list. :p)

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