OS X - My Julia / Atom Install

This was my experience with Atom 1.33.1 & Julia 1.0.3. . Posting this here in case someone encounters similar errors. (On Ubuntu , all this was painless, its on OS X that I needed the work arounds)

Installing Julia via the dmg did not give me an executable at /usr/local/bin/julia . So I rolled back from the dmg install. And used “brew cask install julia” . This gave me both /usr/local/bin, as well as the .app.

Somewhat similar experience with Atom. Installation of atom from the dmg caused errors with Juno, and starting Julia from inside Atom. (Errors with xterm.js , etc).

  • clear ~/.atom directory
  • brew cask install atom. (Setsup vanilla atom, and apm)
  • apm install uber-juno
  • Now start atom (and it will install Julia-client etc).

Start Julia" from the Atom menu will still error out.

For that, start a Julia repl from terminal

  • using Pkg
  • Pkg.add(“Atom”) & Pkg.add(“Juno”) will fail
  • To fix that use : rm(joinpath(homedir(), “.julia”, “registries”); recursive=true)
  • Retry the 2 commands to fix the issue. Now “Start Julia” should work fine.