Julia Scientific Computing 4Week Course



The course link starts today and looks like it’s gonna be a great resource. I have not taken it so I can’t speak to the quality or effectiveness. But I’m excited for it and thought I’d share.



I haven’t taken it either, but one of the first videos shows JuliaBox using a 0.4.x version of Julia, so the course might be a bit out of date and cause unneeded frustration to beginners.


I took it, some time ago. I think it was a useful fast start to the language and it forced me to understand some of the corners of Julia I would otherwise not have approached for some time. I didn’t go right to the end, as I eventually found other material more relevant, but if you’re a raw starter, it is quite good.

If the videos show a 0.4 version of Julia then there will be a bit of adaptation required for more recent versions, but I doubt that would be a major issue at the level the course is pitched.


I am taking the course. Will give a (virtual) wave to anyone else in class.
I am sitting at the back with the bad boys and girls writing a Julia program to plot the best trajectory for ink pellets.