OpenGL 3.3 testing on Travis


I’m trying to run some OpenGL tests on Travis in xvfb, but it seems the OpenGL version is 3.0 while I need 3.3 at least. Does anyone here happen to be running a travis config that accomplishes this? My current travis file is here:


to the admins:
Other people are going to have the same issue. Does travis take requests?


Travis does take request on their github issue tracker, but is fairly slow to react to them (I am still waiting for them to allow fglrx for OpenCL testing on the docker based version).

You can try to use a ppa with a updated Mesa version. I think 10.3+ might do the job.


The OpenGL one is open since February:

I’m drawing my conclusions and disabling GUI tests on linux travis. Hopefully they will support Ubuntu 16.04 next year: