Appveyor testing with X11/xvfb etc


For Gtk.jl or packages that import Gtk.jl it would be nice to have a appveyor (windows environment) setup that has something like a window/display system available to have functional testing.

Does anyone have a good reference for such a setup?


For Travis, adding xvfb like this should work. For AppVeyor, the QML.jl GUI tests just work without any special changes, so I think there the graphical environment is available by default.

The only problem I has was with OpenGL on Travis, but I think that is a Gallium3D problem that can be fixed by setting the environment variable GALLIUM_DRIVER="softpipe".


You can see an attempt for ProfileView here: At the time I tested it, there was an issue with 32bit Windows. If you don’t care about 32bit, you could just not test that.


I see. But the example you provide doesn’t show a successful test (stopped)?


Yes, there is a temporary issue because I was depending on unreleased features in CxxWrap, and now it fails because the Travis Qt is too old. Going back a bit shows the tests can run:

Because of the OpenGL problem this doesn’t open windows, but it does require a display to run the other tests. Here’s what happens without the xvfb setup when just loading the QML package:


I’ve run a dummy package with Gtk.jl as REQUIRE and get only julia 0.4 64bit Windows successful.


Do you have a link to the test output?


ran 0.4/0.5/nightly on Win64. 0.4+0.5 sucessful, nightly not.


Looks like a problem in ColorTypes.jl, its Travis fails on nightly with the same error: