OpenCV on windows

I’d like to ask what is the status and recommended approach for using OpenCV on windows. The OpenCV.jl uses CXX.jl for wrapping the C++ library and as such it is not really an option on Windows - the CXX package on windows is still not supported.

I know Images.jl is a very powerful package bundle and I’m using it on the daily basis, but I still miss many algorithms.

Does anybody know about other approach how to use the OpenCV fucnctionality. Did anybody try to wrap it through python interface (the way PyPlot.jl is implemented)?

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I dont have a solution but could you elaborate on what functionality you require from OpenCV. Your input would help shape the development of Images package.

What’s missing currently for my usecase are image registration algorithms (at least rigid body) for drift correction of image stack and Hough transformation. As I said this describes my current obstacles, but generally there is much more functionality that would be nice to have on hand (and people on Unix have it, its missing only for us running on Windows).

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Well, you can also try to use the C API through ccalls (as I did here) which is more or less straightforward although cumbersome.

Following up on this: Has there been any progress?
As far as I understand it, Cxx.jl seems to have implemented basic Windows support now, but OpenCV.jl seems to be unmaintained.

As @phlavenk I am looking for image registration algorithms.


Can you say exactly what OpenCV functions you have been working with? I frequently use findTransformECC and I’m thinking of writing a Julia alternative (I’m not even sure what’s available already). Are there other OpenCV functions of interest?

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I’ve migrated to the Images.jl framework for my code and I’m quite happy with it. I have only sometimes a desire to quickly try code of my colleagues (pyton/opencv), but for this purpose it is OK just make a PyCall to conda-installed opencv.

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